Friday night: 'Lackluster' was the word of the night

[Editor's note: In addition to regular coverage of each Charleston Fashion Week night, we give you a gal and guy take on each set of runway shows. Here's Brian's; we've already given you Karen's.]

"Lackluster": a word that I kept hearing from the people around me for the duration of Friday night's show.

Keep in mind, I am by no means a fashion or style expert, but I do know what I like and do not like. The fact remains that each collection, from Teal to Ashley Reid, had certain details about them that needed to be praised.

Teal had off-the-shoulder dresses that could flatter even the most understated of collar bones. Mary Mojo's use of tie-dye-like prints and patterns that were very flirty and fun for the contemporary woman.

Biton showed promise with their navy blue fixation on some of the women's dresses. La Roque took the baby-doll look to a sexy and confident level. V2V and Gwynn's sexted up the runway giving Ashley Reid the perfect send off.

The point is that local and state business benefit from our support. Just because a piece or two, or even a whole collection, doesn't pique your interests doesn't mean that one should completely count a designer or brand out.

Saturday night. The fashion finale. Emerging designer's competition. Marysia. Finale gala.

Oh, man! I will definitely see you under the tents...


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