Vote by S.C.'s lower Episcopal diocese likely to shape its future for years

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After years of theological -- and at times even political -- turmoil the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina is set to vote on five conventions that will impact its future, if not outright shape it.

The meeting is set for October 24 in Mount Pleasant.

All that that much is pretty straightforward, as for exactly how those conventions will or won't impact the diocese and a fracturing relationship from the greater Episcopal church is its own matter of debate.

So, where to begin?

First you could check out the resolutions for yourself. Then you could give The Post and Courier's most recent piece a read

That piece came about after an earlier piece received a set of corrections.

So, I'm sure there will be fault found with piece highlighted above, but keep an open mind and you'll get a good base to start understanding the issues at hand.

Ultimately if you're a concerned member of the church you should be taking your cues from those closer to the issues.

Oh, and do note that the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina represents only the lower half of the state.