Spoleto sneak peek: Philemon and Baucis

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitel

Spoleto graciously invited the media out to a dress rehearsal of The Colla Marionette Company's production of 'Philemon and Baucis' on Thursday afternoon.

The lucky bunch of us were invited back-stage before and after the show to see what a marionette show is all about, and by God, it's overwhelming. The sheer amount of wires, backdrops and people running around on catwalks 15 feet off the ground was enough to make your head spin.

What looked like utter chaos from behind was a beautiful show from the audience's perspective. The show, which is sung in German with English subtitles was a joy to experience.

If you're not into opera or marionettes, then this definitely isn't the Spoleto show for you, but if you're game, this is a solid performance that the whole family can enjoy. For more photos from the show and behind the scenes, check out our Flickr page.

You can see it at the Emmett Robinson Theatre on Saturday May 29 6 p.m., Sunday May 30 at noon, Sunday May 30 6 p.m., Monday May 31 3 p.m., or Tuesday Jun 1 6 p.m. Get tickets here. $50.