The 3 Best Motorcycle Riding Routes in South Carolina

There are many excellent motorcycle rides in the state of South Carolina, and they can be found in two main regions.The Coastal Plains refers to the east and southeast in the lower region of the state, from Columbia. It’s also referred to as “Low Country.” It’s fairly flat in this region, and there are marshy areas. As you reach the coast you’ll come across numerous bay inlets. The Upstate Region refers to the area northwest and west of Columbia, and features thick forests, picturesque waterfalls and winding rivers.  

Beaufort Scenery, 40 miles

There’s water everywhere on this Beaufort scenic route. Beaufort itself is a historic district, offering rivers, a state park, fishing, boardwalk nature walks, barrier islands, wildlife viewing areas, and oceanfront camping, too. The state park charges just a small fee, and offers well paved roads, restrooms, fishing spots, beach areas, and picnic facilities.

The roads have been expanded recently and there are new bridges, too. While parking can be a challenge due to the somewhat crowded historic district, there has been a lot of expansion in the area to improve the situation. There’s plenty of choices when it comes to amenities, so if you want soul food served right then you’re in luck!

Beaufort Scenery Route is in SE South Carolina, and the easiest route to take is I-95. If you’re coming from the north, head down to Highway 21 Yamassee If you’re coming from the south, you’ll be taking Highway 278 Hardeeville. You’ll see plenty of signage to keep you on track.

Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, 130 miles

You’ll find this route in South Carolina’s northwest pocket. It’s 30 miles west of Charlotte, in North Carolina, 120 miles north of Georgia’s Augusta, and 200 miles northwest of Charleston. Expect stunning scenery as you ride through the high country, providing plenty of opportunity for views of waterfalls and mountains, lakes and rivers, as well as wildlife.

The roads in the area are excellent, plenty of hills, as well as twists and turns – not to mention there are remotes stretches that let you really open it up. There are six state parks off the route, so no matter your interest- you’ll find something that you’re interested in. There’s restaurants and gas stations, too, so you should expect a comfortable ride.

You’ll be heading out on R11 north heading towards Chesnee, passing through Cleveland before merging onto the 276 and continuing west. Once you pass Keowee Taxoway you’ll take the 130/37 north, and then the 413 west, heading to Sumter National Forest.

Savannah River Sandhills, 18 miles

There is plenty to see on this route, but there are no stops. It’s a great example of South Carolina’s history, heading from Ridgeland through old plantations and old towns. The roads are great quality, and you can even enjoy a few twists and turns- which are rare in the Coastal Plains.

Take Highway 336 to Highway 119, sit back and enjoy the ride. Note: The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has established laws and statutes regarding protective riding gear including helmet requirements. Always wear a motorcycle helmet for safety.