Final vote at today's council meeting for purchase of Beaufort Commerce Park

Update: Approved.

First reporting: Today at 6:30 p.m., on April 3, Beaufort City Council will conveine. At the end of it, the city may be buying $1.85 million worth of land.

Yes, today is the final vote for the purchase of the 167-acre foreclosed commerce park.

That land was sold at auction for $2 million, and now the City of Beaufort ishoping to buy if for even less than that to help jumpstart job creation — it's an idea that's had plenty of criticism.

Still, Beaufort Mayor Bill Keylserling is still upbeat about the idea, writing:

Tuesday night city council will take second and final vote to purchase commerce park to be followed in weeks to come with formal announcement about new collaborative job training initiative. 

We have some prospects considering bringing their businesses to beaufort but competition with other communities is very stiff.

We should have reasonable expectations but without a place for businesses to locate there is no reasonable expectation.

Join our meeting and standup for better jobs closer to home.

You can check out the full meeting agenda here.

Got comments? Sound of below, or write on the mayor's Facebook post, or, better yet, go to the meeting.