Haley ethics complaint heads to House panel (Update: Dismissed, again)

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(Updates at the bottom.)

An ethics complaint brought against Gov. Nikki Haley will remain closed after she refused to waive confidentiality — something that is prompting calls for the governor that ran on transparency to be more open.

The complaint is likely with regard to alleged misuse of Statehouse resource and non-disclosure of employment when Haley was still a state representative.

Update May 2: Charges dismissed 

The House Ethics Committee voted 5-1 this morning to dismiss all charges against the governor, following an investigation into charges that she violated ethics laws while a member of the South Carolina House; The State has information on the development.

Update May 17: Not so fast?

 After the quick dismissal of complaints, State Rep. James Smith (D), Richland, has filed a resolution to have the House Ethics Committee reopen the investigation that was first voted in by the commission as having probable cause of an ethics violation and then dismissed the case as needing no further investigation.

The State has a rundown on the development; read it here.

Meanwhile, The Island Packet of Hilton Head has penned an editorial saying that the renewed challenge, gives the "House Ethics Committee has an opportunity to restore its credibility", and that, "A full investigation, conducted in the open, is the only way to establish whether Haley acted appropriately and within the law. It would also provide important guidance for lawmakers."

Read the Packet's editorial here.

Update May 19: More info needed 

In wake of the continued political interest over the alleged Haley ethics violation, the House Ethics Committee is asking that Haley submit her tax receipts to prove that she was not being directly paid by Lexington Medical Center — who Haley helped push an expansion for while she served as a state lawmaker — and that Haley was in fact paid by the medical center's charitable arms.

I'll point you to The State's report; read it here.

Haley has until Friday to submit the documents — items whose splitting of the funding hairs will likely determine if this issue has the political critical mass to continue.

Update May 31: Probe reopened 

After continued concerns were raised if the House Ethics Committee did not fully investigate, the body has voted 6-0 (five Republicans, one Democrat) to reopen the investigation.

The alleged Haley ethics violation revolves around Haley possibly being directly paid by Lexington Medical Center — who Haley helped push an expansion for while she served as a state lawmaker.

The State has a solid update; read it here.

We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Update June 11: Restricted documents

The Post and Courier recently requested copies of correspondence from the Haley administration with regard to the ethics complaint, but saw that request denied for purported reasons of attorney-client privilege — and the paper is calling bull; read the report here (pay wall). 

Update July 2: Dismissed

For the second time the ethic complain was voted out with the House Ethics Committee saying they could find no proof of wrong doing by Haley.

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