Bluffton gets with the social media conversation; So when's Port Royal or Beaufort?

Flickr user victoriapeckham

You may have noticed that the Town of Bluffton has joined Facebook in hopes of better connecting and informing its residents.

Now, of course, the real magic will happen if the town can keep up the quality and frequency of the updates and actually engage the community. But the move already begs the question: Why haven't Beaufort and Port Royal already done this?

If you want to engage your community about the issues of the day, that's the promise of social media: an active Facebook and Twitter presence — and it's far more "viral" than e-mail.

At any rate, head over here to read about what Bluffton is hoping to achieve with the Facebook page, and "like" them here.

Oh, and a hat tip to Beaufort County for being on Twitter and the Beaufort police for being on Facebook.