Is another charter school about to open? This one in Jasper (update on Ridgeland school and Beaufort's Riverview)

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Updated Aug. 8: The Island Packet has a report on the potential of a Ridgeland charter school and that Beaufort residents will be free to apply.

Also a report that Riverview Charter School in Beaufort is at risk of meeting its diversity goals, though the school still has another year to meet those goals. So it's sort of odd it was reported on at all. You have to question the spin there.

Read the Packet story here.

Reported Aug. 4: The recent push toward charter schools in S.C., particularly the Lowcountry, may soon add another to the fold.

This new addition could be in Jasper, as a charter plan out there just gained approval from the state.

Give the Bluffton Today article on the school a read here.

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