Clowney handcuffed? USC Star recruit's alleged spat with the cops (update: Clowney speaks out)

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Update March 25: The State newspaper published an article after they allowed Clowney a chance to explain what happend last night.

According to the report, police handcuffed and searched the 18-year-old after he fit the profile of a man believed to be carrying a gun. Check out their report here.

First Reported: The University of South Carolina's newly signed five-star recruit, Jadeveon Clowney, was put in handcuffs by Columbia state officials in the early hours of March 25, according to a number of witnesses.

"We just heard a huge crowd boo-ing so we ran down there," said one USC student who was there at the time, and caught the latter part of the incident on tape.  "A ton of people were surrounding him and when they finally took him out of handcuffs, they all started cheering and shouting 'USC' and 'Clowney.'"

The Columbia Police department were unavailable for questioning at the time of writing, and as a result few details are known about why Clowney was allegedly placed in handcuffs, or why authorities decided to release him after the incident.

Clowney was, according to, the nation's most highly sought-after Defensive End in the 2011 recruiting class. His declaration that he intended to play for the University of South Carolina in a February 14 press conference was seen as a huge boost by all those within the Gamecock community.

Stay tuned for more information as this story continues to develop.

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