S.C.'s unemployment numbers still high, but still improving

While still stuck above a sour 10% rate, South Carolina's unemployment rate bettered once again.

February's unemployment for S.C. was 10.2%, compared with January's 10.5%.

The state has seen employment rise by approximately 18,100 to an estimated level of 1,935,449, and it is estimated there are approximately 218,940 unemployed people in the state, a decrease of approximately 33,000 from a year ago.

Notable growth sectors were:

- Leisure and Hospitality: 4,600
- Professional and Business Services: 4,500
- Education and Health Services: 4,000 
- Construction: 2,500 (first increase since October 2010)
- Retail Trade: 1,500
- Manufacturing: 900
- Government: 2,200 

County-level data is scheduled for release on April 6, but last month the Charleston area was at 8.1%. The national rate is at 8.9%.

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