Jay Parmley speaks to Beaufort County democrats, cites party growth

Luke Kerr-Dineen/TheDigitel
Jay Parmley (left) speaks to delegates from the Beaufort County Democrats

Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party Jay Parmley spoke to the the Beaufort County Democrats March 9, and spoke of his encouragement despite party losses in the 2010 races for governor, senator, and U.S. House of Representatives seats.

Parmley addressed a group of fifty-or-so democrats at the Beaufort-Jasper-HamptonĀ  Comprehensive Health Services Center tuesday, and cited growths in the numbers concerning straight party voting, volunteer involvement, and targeted group involvement for the third straight election cycle.

Nikki Haley won 51% of the popular vote in her victory for Governor in October, which was "the smallest margin of victory of any successful republican candidate for governor currently sitting for the United States," according to Parmley, which he explained was especially pleasing considering his party's losses nationwide.

For more information on the stances of the South Carolina Democratic Party, head over to the website.

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