Watch out for high winds in Beaufort today

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The National Weather Service has issued a wind
advisory for Beaufort and its neighboring counties effective until 4 p.m.,
February 25.

According to the report, wind speeds are expected to
reach 45 mph between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., approaching the county from a
south-westerly angle. Experts say that the wind could be strong enough to “break
small to medium size limbs…Isolated power outages may also occur. Winds will be
higher on elevated roadways such as bridges and overpasses which will create
hazardous conditions for high profile vehicles.”

News of the wind advisory could also affect the chance
of wild fires in the area, which has been a cause for much concern among county
residents in recent weeks. But it looks like the rain on the way should mitigate any real concerns there.

For more details on the warnings and for the latest conditions, check out the full forecast.

Or to read more about the weather and the possibility
of wildfires in the area, check out our topic page.

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