Settlement over insurance in Beaufort school molestation incident nets district millions

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Update September 23: Half a year on from the appeals court ruling on the 2007 teacher molestation case, a settlement has been reached between the school district and United National Insurance and the S.C. School Boards Insurance Trust.

A settlement to the tune of $2.65 million for the school district, according to The Island Packet.

No word on yet how the recouped money will be user (the money only partly covers the funds the county paid out in the molestation cases.)

First reporting February 24, appeal court win: The Island Packet has a report this morning regarding a court case that saw the Beaufort County School District victorious in efforts to recover from its insurance carrier millions of dollars paid out by the district as a result of several child molestation cases.

The long and short of it is that the district was sued as a result of the Philip Underwood-Sheppard case. Underwood-Sheppard several years ago admitted to molesting at least nine children while he was a teacher at Coosa Elementary School.

Years later some of those victims sued the district and won. The district's insurance provider refused to cover a substantial amount of the payments, which ultimately led to the district suing the provider and a slight tax increase to fund the payments.

The Island Packet does a much better job of explaining the whole thing, so we'll send you there. 

You also can find the S.C. Court of Appeals decision in the district's favor here.

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