Pirated software bust: President of South Carolina Tea Party chapter arrested

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Anthony Trinca and his son were arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit goods, namely Photoshop.

Of the list of accusations that South Carolina political figures have run into (adultery, sex in a graveyard, racial slurs, campaign fund misuse, DUI, reckless driving...), we're forced to admit that software pirating was not one we expected soon.

The Grand Strand Tea Party President, Anthony Trinca, was arrested for allegedly selling pirated goods — namely $125 copies of Photoshop, a program that costs some $670 at retail.

Trinca, along with his son Michael Trinca, were arrested for selling pirated copies of computer software and charged with "unauthorized use or trafficking in counterfeit trademarks by an individual."

Charges and allegations were brought up by an individual who grew suspicious when they purchased items from Anthony and Michael Trinca through the free online service Craigslist

WMBF News and The Sun News have more information on the arrest, and Talking Points Memo has the more humorous report.

It looks as if the front door to the Grand Strand's chapter of the Tea Party has been taken down, but you can follow this link to get in through a side door

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