More than a dozen car thefts in Southern Beaufort County (Update: Arrests)

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It's easier than ever to lock your doors, so why not?

(Updates at the bottom.)

Two Bluffton vehicles disappeared from their owners on Tuesdays after the trucks were left unlocked and the keys not far away; check out The Island Packet's report here.

Update June 14: The Island Packet notes that four more vehicles with keys nearby were taken on Tuesday.

Update June 17: In all some 19 cars were stollen in Southern Beaufort County over the past three weeks and an arrested 19 year old, Demetrius Arroyo, has admitted to involvement with 16 of those thefts.

The Island Packet has a nice update and map of the recent car thefts.

Meanwhile, WTOC 11 offers a video report that notes two more suspects: 17-year-old Kevin Alvarez and a 15-year-old teenage male. 

Update June 20: Bluffton Today writes that the two other suspects have also been arrested.

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