More information on Beaufort's two dog attacks

Flickr user erinblatzer

There are now two dog stories of note at play in the Beaufort area, the February 17 pit bull attack on a three-year old in the Shell Point area, and the February 19 bull mastiff on a 17-month old in the Burton area.

In the first case the injuries proved to be far more serious with Daniella Ramirez still recovering and in the second case injuries were limited to the child's leg.

WSAV 3's Holly Bounds has a nice video report on the condition and treatment of Ramirez and how the attack unfolded on the toddler in Burton — and she notes that this is the second time the bull mastiff attacked a child.

Watch that report here.

As usual, multiple reports abound. If you'd like to go digging: The Island Packet has also published a new report that focuses on past problems with the pit bull (read that here,) and the paper has a brief on the bull mastiff attack (read that here,) and WTOC has a written report on the toddler attack (read that here.)


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