Beaufort High teacher is finalist for Teacher of the Year (updated/Young wins)

From Beaufort, SC fan page
Jeremiah Young thanks votes on Facebook

First reported 7/23 - Jeremiah Young's students love him. He cracks jokes and makes learning easy, and the state has taken notice. Young, of Beaufort High, is one of three finalists for the S.C. teacher of the year. Check out Jaime Dailey's WTOC story about Young here.

Believe it or  not this Teacher of the Year thing is something anyone can vote on. Voting is online. You can go to to vote for Young.

Updated 7/30 - It appears Beaufort High's Jeremiah Young has won the S.C. Teacher of the Year contest, out pointing second place by 106 votes. Check out the vote total at the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence website.

Young's win certainly can be attributed to a big social media push visible over the past week on Facebook and Twitter.

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