Gopher Hill Festival starts tonight in Ridgeland

Flickr user uberphot

The 39th Annual Gopher Hill Festival in Ridgeland kicks off tonight with the pink tub race, a must-see event.

Why a 'Gopher Hill Festival?'

Here's some background from the event's website:

The Town of Ridgeland has a rich history stemming from the Charleston and 
Savannah Railroad that was completed in the mid 1800s. The Town was originally named Gopher Hill due to the "gopher tortoise" which was indigenous to the area at that time. In later days, the name Gopher Hill was not considered suitable for a railroad station and the named was changed to Ridgeland because the Railroad Depot was located on the highest ridge between Charleston and Savannah.

For information about the festival and a full event listing check out the Gopher Hill Festival website.