Glover sings "Lovesong" on Saturday.

The best in coverage: Candice Glover's concert and parade

St. Helena Island native Candice Glover's ascension in the top 3 on American Idol on Thursday and return to Beaufort for a parade and concert on Saturday has been an intense 48 hours for the community, and it's generated much in coverage by media and citizens.

Here's a roundup of the best we've been tipped off to (if you have a link to something that should be here, drop us a note in the comments.)

First, as shown up top, Eat Sleep Play Beaufort captured a succinct 2-minute video of Glover singing The Cure's "Lovesong" (check it out up top.) In all Glover sand five songs.

The Island Packet was covering the whole day and offers a thorough written report of all the events.

WTOC 11 offers a short video overview of the parade and Glover's many supporters and estimates the crowd reached 20,000 people, while WTGS FOX offers a much longer video report with more studio analysis of the day and Glover's heartfelt response. 

For those interested in the parade, YouTube user "ebonywomansc" offers a 12-minute video capture:

Glover is back on American Idol this Wednesday, May 9, to compete for the top 2.