Hilton Head councilman threatens fellow councilman

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Update April 8: The Beaufort Gazette published a scathing editorial in the April 8 edition of the newspaper, writing that Ferguson's actions "cannot be excused or ignored."

The article demands an apology from Ferguson, and suggests that the possibility of "recalling" the Councilman should be seriously considered.

Follow this link to read the editorial.

First reporting: In case you've missed it, there's been some serious drama going on within Hilton Head Town Council, specifically with Councilman Bill Ferguson.

First Ferguson and his wife each were charged with criminal domestic violence a few months back.

Now Ferguson has been accused of threatening a fellow councilman and calling him a bigot. 

The Island Packet has all the coverage on this, including the links to the back story. 

You can check all that out here.

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