Drawing movie production to Beaufort with a film festival (updated)

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Update February 21: WSAV's approach to the film festival seems to have caught some traction within the community since it was first reported.

Juliann Vachon has an interesting feature in today's Island Packet about the typical filmmakers they are hoping to target, but also the trouble and obstacles which arise when trying to do so.

Head over here for that article.

For more background on South Carolina's ongoing debate over film incentives, head here.

Update February 5: While we've already talked at length about the upcoming Beaufort International Film Festival, WSAV has taken a different look at it: From a business incentive level.

Discussed is how it's been more than a decade since a major motion picture was filmed in Beaufort and how the festival hopes to expose movie makers to what the town has to offer.

Take a gander at Holly Bounds' report here.

And get up to speed on the film festival here. It starts February 16.