Web power for up-to-the-second messages. It's so good, we're using it right now.

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Want to have one ad that changes as often as you like? Want to tell the world how great great your chef's pasta is? Or how great the sale is on the latest fashion?
With Digitel Dynamic Ads all you need do is Tweet it (or even text from your cell phone)

Always current

Digitel Dynamic Ads infuse standing advertising with the power of the Web for current, up-to-the-second messages.

Social media powered

We use Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog to push out updates. It keeps things simple, easy, and effective.

Feed me

Use your Twitter feed, a Twitter search, your blog's RSS feed, a Flickr photo feed -- if you can feed it, our thing can eat it.

Efficiency = low price

We've worked hard to create a standardized system so more of your pennies go towards telling customers about your business and not towards overhead.

$20 gets you 1,000 ads

For your money you'll get 1,000 ads served to readers. -- 25% of your ads served will be Dynamic Ads the other 75% will retain your static message. They're great way to keep your brand in customers minds.

One, two, three spots for all

Pick the 180x315 pixels spot, or the 240x240, or the mother of all spots: 960x280. Your choice. -- Don't know a pixel from a pixie? We can explain or pick the best fit for you.

Your design, or ours

We've designed our system for those of you who can't afford the cost of art departments, but if you've got a design to slip behind the message, we're more than happy to accommodate.

When you're ready:

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(843) 608-1011 or dynamic@thedigitel.com

Plus you get all the other benefits of advertising on Charleston's TheDigitel, such as:

More local views

Some 60%* of our visitors log in from Charleston-area Internet addresses -- and our Charleston-centric focus makes sure everyone viewing the site is thinking Charleston, S.C.

Dollar-powered readers

Our readers are more youthful, more educated, fewer children, and more females; when compared to similar Web sites.**

Ads that get seen

We keep the ad count low, and the page design simple -- it makes sure eyes hit the ads and won't get lost in the bad layout.

*According to Google Analytics tracking. **According to Alexa demographics tracking.